Smart Series 2 USB Charger(EU,2.4A)

SKU: RLC-526

The Devia Smart Series 2 USB port charger (EU, 2.4A) is  the perfect choice for charging your two devices so that the space around your power outlet is always neat and airy.

Fully compatible iPhone, exquisite design

Charging 2 Devia ports stably charges devices from Apple or Android. You can rest assured when using and charging the device with high safety and a sophisticated design, inspired by Apple's signature white tone.

With streamlined design and detailed finishing at a high standard, there is not a single superfluous detail. Thereby, ensuring peace of mind about durability as well as compactness, making it easy to carry anywhere.

Charging two handy charging ports

By Devia's fast charging feature, fast charging speed. In just a few moments, you have two devices full of batteries to enjoy all day long.

Two charging ports on Devia Smart Series 2 USB charging ports (EU, 2.4A) allow users to instantly recharge two devices at the same time. The special feature is that when charging two devices, the fast-charging feature still works.



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