Pin Sạc Dự Phòng Devia 10.000mAh EP175 Smart series 12W


Are you looking for a compact, high-capacity, and fast-charging backup battery? The Devia backup battery is the perfect choice for you!

✅With a real capacity of 4800mAh (5V2A), Devia provides enough power to fully charge your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices multiple times. With fast charging support via the USB-A 5V/2.4A port, Devia helps you save considerable battery charging time.

✅Compact and convenient design: With dimensions of 1406816mm and a weight of just 228g, Devia is easy to carry with you anywhere, anytime.

Versatile charging: Devia is compatible with most of today's mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, smartwatches,...

✅High charging performance: Efficient energy conversion technology with a ratio of ≥60%, ensuring optimal charging performance and minimizing energy waste.

✅With the Devia backup battery, you can:

  • Comfortably use your smartphone and other mobile devices without worrying about running out of battery suddenly.
  • Charge quickly and conveniently anytime, anywhere.
  • Carry a compact and fashionable backup power source with you.

✅Technical specifications:


Rated Capacity:4800mAh(5V2A)

Rated Energy: 37Wh/3.7V

Input:Type-C: 5V/2A

Output:USB-A: 5V/2.4A

Type-C Conversion efficiency: ≥60%

Total: 5V2.4A(MAX)

Technology: Printing

Size: 1406816mm

Weight: 228g



Total price: