ESR Mini Kickstand Wireless Power Bank 5,000mAh

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Power in a Snap

Magnets align phone with charger to ensure that MagSafe-style wireless charging automatically begins as soon you attach the power bank.

On-Demand Kickstand

Adjustable built-in kickstand transforms your power bank into a stand for video watching or FaceTime on the go and easily folds away when you’re on the move.

Portable Charging Stand

Conveniently located USB-C port and pass-through charging let you simultaneously charge your phone and the power bank to ensure that your phone stays charged up when you’re watching videos or FaceTiming.

Strong Magnetic Lock

Powerful magnets with 1,000 g of holding force ensure the power bank stays securely locked on to your phone, keeping it safely attached when you’re on the go or using the stand.

Charging Control

Power button turns off wireless charging so you can keep using the stand while saving your charge for later when you need that extra boost.

Small and Portable

Stay powered whenever and wherever with a compact design that ensures the power bank easily fits into a bag or your pocket and is comfortable to hold while attached to your phone.

Two Ways to Charge

Choose between convenient 7.5W MagSafe-style wireless charging or 12W wired charging using the USB-C port for charging that adapts to you. (Doesn’t support simultaneous wired and wireless charging)



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