Ergonomic Microsoft Mouse

SKU: RJG-00005

Comfort and control all-day

The Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse reduces fatigue and offers exceptional control, with ultralight monitoring on various surfaces, a scroll wheel optimized to allow accurate web and document navigation and two programmable buttons.

1. Next-level comfort

He works all day, with lower risks of fatigue and injury.

2. Designed to last

Light, durable, and wired to offer reliable precision and speed.

3. Precise monitoring sensor

Works on a wide variety of desktop surfaces.

4. Perform simultaneous tasks your way

Two programmable buttons, they allow you to customize the actions you use most frequently.

Connection interface

Wired USB 2.0, full speed, Type A


Microsoft Windows 11 Home/Pro / 10 / 8.1 /7*


4.63 x 3.03 x 1.66 in (117.5 x 76.3 x 42.3 mm)


3.67 oz including cable; 2.65 oz mouse only (104 g including cable; 75 g mouse only)




1-year limited warranty

Technology details

Mouse tracking system: Microsoft BlueTrack™ Technology
Imaging rate: Dynamically adaptable to 3000 frames per second
X-Y resolution: 1,000 points per inch (39.4 points per millimeter)
Tracking speed: Up to 30 inches (762 millimeters) per second

Product feature performance

Mouse button features: 5 buttons: left, right, wheel, side button × 2 (press and hold to pair)
Scrolling features: Metal wheel for vertical scrolling and wheel button clicking
Customizable features:Footnote1 Adjust X-Y resolution; reassign wheel button function; swap left and right click; customize wheel



Total price: