Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard

SKU: QSZ-00017

Special wireless typing function

Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard pairs seamlessly with your laptop via Bluetooth®® and has a long battery life of up to 2 years.

Product code: QSZ-00017

  • Biểu tượng thẻ giáWireless design with time-saving shortcuts

    Enjoy the rugged, durable feel of our exquisitely designed keyboard as you work in Windows and Office 365.* The Microsoft Bluetooth® keyboard features a wireless design at an exceptional value.

  • Biểu tượng bàn phímSave time and be more efficient with built-in keyboard shortcuts

    Includes dedicated Office 365* and emoticon keys, providing easy access to media controls, apps, screen clipping, calculator, volume, and more.

  • Biểu tượng ký hiệu BluetoothWireless connection

    Connect to your Windows laptop via Bluetooth®. Pair with your Windows 10 PC as soon as you turn on Swift Pair.

  • Biểu tượng pinLonger battery life

    Long battery life up to 2 years.



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