Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

SKU: LXM-00015

Comfortable all day long

Exquisite ergonomic design with a split keyboard, and innovative pads keep you going all day long without feeling tired or sore. With dedicated keyboard shortcuts, the office saves you time and maximizes productivity significantly.

  1. Comfortable all day long

Work all day long without worrying about pain or injury, as this keyboard set has been ergonomically designed and rigorously vetted before reaching consumers

  1. Innovative gaskets

Improved cushioning and ergonomically tested armrests wrapped in the premium fabric provide all-day comfort and promote neutral wrist posture.

  1. Built-in keyboard shortcuts

Work more efficiently with dedicated function keys for Microsoft 365, emoji, search, easy access to media controls, and more. 

  1. Built-in keyset

Work quickly and efficiently with a dedicated built-in gasket.

Pair this ergonomic keyboard with Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse
Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard.


  1. Connection interface: Wired USB-A 2.0 connector
  2. Compatibility: Microsoft Windows 10/ Limited functionality Windows 8.1/7 (Office Key and Emoji)
  3. Dimensions: 77 x 26.24 x 6.07 cm with front tilt legs
  4. Weight: 1020g including front tilt legs
  5. Color: Black
  6. Warranty: 1-year genuine warranty
  7. Tech details: Keyboard shortcuts: Favorites keys (1/2/3), media keys (Mute / Vol + / Vol- / Music / Previous tracks, Play / Pause / Next track), Computer, Cut, View, SysLock, Search, Office, Emoji
  8. Product feature performance: Customizable features: favorite keys (customize the applications you often use in these 3 keys); relock media; LED indicator management (NumLk, Caps Lk, ScrollLk); Enable/Disable app lock; Redefine emoji lock (can only be assigned to App Key)


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