MeKo distributor is an established distributor with a vision to bring customers the best quality products and services. Commitment to the author is prestige and respect and does not add value over enormous time.

The core value of MeKo Distributor is to build an investment business, create useful products to serve customers while bringing to society.


MeKo's Strengths:

  • Founded by employees with more than 13 years of experience in the market, knowledgeable in the retail distribution market of technology products, consumer electronics
    With many years of experience in cooperating and working with traditional retail customer channels, phone retail chains, consumer electronics, E-Commerce business channels, MeKo is committed to serving customers in the best way, flexible and dedicated.
    MeKo can be strong in connecting with media channels in promoting brands, reviewing products both on traditional and digital platforms.
    MeKo can accompany partners to promote marketing activities such as Road Show, Promotions for consumers, communication plans such as Digital Marketing Campaign ...
    With a team of IT engineers with many years of experience, we help partners build websites, business apps, Chatbox and tools for Social Media activities to support partners in building business development strategies in Vietnam market.
    With a team of experienced market developers present in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, we are committed to long-term cooperation with partners to help promote business in the Vietnamese market.
    We always update and supplement data on the market situation, surveys about sales activities, the latest information about Social Media, Consumer Insights ... help partners understand the developments of the Vietnamese market






Total price: