What is the origin of Defunc? Are the products from Defunc good?
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What is the origin of Defunc? Are the products from Defunc good?

The origin of Defunc
Defunc is an audio brand based in StockHolm, Sweden. Built from a strong foundation and innovative ideas, the brand quickly became an icon in the audio equipment industry of the Nordic lands. The name Defunc is a combination of their two core characteristics: "Design" and "function" which make the brand stands out. All of Defunc's product are also deeply invested into these two main factors in order to bring the most diverse experience with the most practical value to music lovers all around the world.

The history of the Defunc audio brand
In 2015, entrepreneur Johan Wahlbäck, with a lifelong devotion to innovative functional design, gave himself a challenge: make it easier for people to find the right earphones in a maze-like earphone market. And Defunc was born to convey this sole message to audiophiles around the world: The perfect music experience needs to be a combination of quality sound, eccentric design but the price must also be reasonable to users.

Even though Defunc was established in 2015, the brand is now present in more than 35 countries with the goal of bringing consumers high-quality audio products at affordable prices.

On July 19, 2023, the Defunc brand officially announced that MeKo Company will become a strategic partner and exclusive distributor of Defunc products in Vietnam. The partnership with MeKo's long-term vision, years of experience and especially a nationwide distribution network will be a powerful leverage for Defunc expansion in Vietnam. Along with that is a good after-sales policy, thoughtful support and warranty for customers will make Defunc soon become a favorite and trusted audio brand.

What are Defunc's product lines?
Without spending much resources on marketing, Defunc focuses on investing in its products to solve the most basic problems of users when buying headphones: "I need headphones for ...". That is why from the design to the name of each product, Defunc is simple and clearly stands out for its intended use. The 3 main product lines at Defunc include:True Wireless Headphones
By focusing on meeting certain needs of users, Defunc creates headphones that are stable in daily use and even more superior when used for the right purposes such as conversation, sports training, enjoying music, ... For example: TRUE Sport headphones will have high water resistance and explosive sound, suitable for intense sports activities. TRUE Music will be the strongest in terms of sound quality as well as "buffalo" battery level to ensure that you always enjoy music whenever, ... In addition, Defunc also has a number of products like TRUE Lite that will mix the above features, balance the sound quality as well as features and finally the "accessible" price for users to get the most user experience while still being comfortable for the wallet.

MONDO - Street-style headphones
Launched on 12/2022, MONDO By Defunc is one of the top favorite headphones in Europe. The product is a combination of artist management company Monza and leading street culture platform Dopest, realized by Defunc's sound and design to create an artist-style earphone line with powerful sound quality from Dual Driver 40mm and 10mm,  An impressive usage time of up to 45 hours and comfortable wearing thanks to premium earcup cushions.

HOME - Premium speaker for home living space
The HOME speaker product line not only has realistic sound quality but is also compact, minimalist as a luxurious accessory to help adorn your living space. In addition to traditional Bluetooth connectivity, Defunc Home allows users to connect wirelessly using multiple protocols such as Wifi and Airplay 2 with a multi-room audio feature that brings synchronized sound quality to multiple speakers and the ability to remotely control anywhere in your home.

Are Defunc products good, should you buy?

  • High-quality sound

Defunc's True Wireless headphones are equipped with dual drivers with a size of 13mm, which is large compared to other headphones in the same price on the market. Thanks to its large size, the headphones can produce greater vibration, providing a thicker and firmer bass than using the 10mm driver of most other headphones. Besides, thanks to the help of Sweden's leading "ears": engineer and audio expert Henrik Isaksson, Defunc can bring users a rich and extremely detailed sound experience.

  • Comfortable and quiet design

One of the highlights of Defunc headphones is the MultiTip ear cushion design developed based on research on users' comfortable headphone wearing needs. Therefore, MultiTip is Defunc's exclusive ear cushioning technology that allows headphones to bring sound deep into the ear gills so that there is no need to use high volume and even if you wear headphones all day long, it still does not make your ears tight or sore. It can be said that if comfortable wearing for a long time is what you are looking for, the Defunc brand is definitely a choice not to be missed.

  • Pricing

The core value of Defunc is "Design" + "function", so the elements that are less necessary and do not bring much unique experience value to users will be omitted. Thanks to that, Defunc's headphone products will have a price close to users. Especially with various promotion policies on e-commerce booths and agents like FPT Shop, you will easily own quality wireless headphones from Defunc at extremely "soft" prices.

Where to buy Defunc brand products?
Currently, Defunc products are sold at FPT Shop and e-commerce stores such as Shopee, Lazada with many great incentives for users.

What is the warranty of Defunc products?
According to information on Defunc's e-commerce stores, the products are warranted to renew for 1 year. However, each dealer will have a different warranty policy and of course, if you buy non-genuine Defunc headphones, not sold on Defunc Official Store, you will definitely not enjoy this warranty policy if the product encounters any problems during use.



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