SteelSeries officially launches its new exclusive distributor in Vietnam along with a series of new products.
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Posted by:  Xuan Huong

SteelSeries officially launches its new exclusive distributor in Vietnam along with a series of new products.

On 01/03/2024, SteelSeries officially announced MeKo as the new exclusive distributor in Vietnam. With many years of rich experience, MeKo is confident in providing the best services and customer care for SteelSeries products.

SteelSeries was established in 2001, with over 20 years of research and development helping SteelSeries become a leading global brand in the production of gaming accessories including headphones, keyboards, computer mice, mouse pads, microphones, and many other accessories. In addition, SteelSeries is currently part of the globally renowned GN Group with over 150 years of experience and leading in innovative audio technology worldwide.

SteelSeries is a leading brand in creating breakthrough technology in each of its products. The company has won many prestigious awards for its innovation and product quality, affirming its position. SteelSeries initially recognized the importance of eSports in bringing about innovation in products by becoming the official sponsor for many leading eSports teams and prestigious global tournaments such as T1, Fnatic, FazeClan, Navi, and OG Team. SteelSeries always accompanies and strives to bring the gaming community the best products, helping them enhance their gaming experience.

"Today, I am very pleased to announce the official partnership between SteelSeries and MeKo as the authorized distributor for SteelSeries in Vietnam. MeKo has been and is an excellent distributor in brand management and sales channel marketing. We firmly believe that this collaboration will bring the best wireless gaming accessories for gamers in Vietnam across all genres such as PC, console, and mobile games. Helping everyone experience and enjoy the game in the best way to 'win'." - Mr. Chakrit, Region Sales Director shared.

Thanks to its extensive network and close relationships with reputable agents in Vietnam, MeKo helps SteelSeries reach a large number of potential customers effectively. This not only helps increase sales but also plays an important role in enhancing brand awareness and building trust with Vietnamese consumers.

“MeKo is delighted to be appointed as the official distributor of the globally renowned brand SteelSeries from Denmark. With a range of premium and quality gaming accessories for different kinds of games on PC, console, and mobile, I believe that SteelSeries will soon gain the trust and love of customers in Vietnam. In the future, MeKo will closely cooperate with SteelSeries to offer the best support programs for retail partners as well as activities to promote to consumers. We are very confident that SteelSeries' gaming accessories will soon become the top choice for consumers in Vietnam.” - Mr. Dinh Quang Trong, founder and CEO of MeKo said.

Arctis Nova 7 Dragon welcoming the Year of the Long

Inspired by ethnic culture and tradition, SteelSeries has combined gaming and unique art symbols to launch the special Dragon Arctis Nova 7 version. This special Dragon version aims to honor the lineage and culture of the countries in East Asia, carrying the story of family traditions, festivals, and welcoming the Year of the Water Snake 2024.

The Arctis Nova 7 headset is equipped with the Nova Sound system, combining hardware and software, providing gamers with a "Premium Sound" power, suggesting a vibrant, realistic living space down to every detail. Alongside is the combination with Sonar Software, which integrates EQ adjustment for gamers and allows adjusting each individual frequency, providing perfect sound adjustment in games.

With the multi-connection feature that allows users to listen to two sound streams at the same time with 2.4GHz Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity with a 38-hour battery life, it's easy to switch between PC, Mac, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, Android and mobile devices via USB-C. In addition, the microphone is equipped with ClearCast Gen 2 noise-canceling technology with a unique design, perfectly blending into the headset when folded, giving a smooth and neat appearance when taken outside.

Highlighted SteelSeries Products

SteelSeries is known as a famous Gaming Gear manufacturer with products such as:

  • Arctis Pro Wireless headphone line with Infinity System, Arctis Nova 7, Arctis 7+ designed for overhead and advanced sound technology for gaming.
  • Apex Pro and Apex Pro TKL keyboards have the most adjustable settings that allow automatic changes between sensitivity when booting.
  • Aerox 3, Arox 5 and Aerox 9 are SteelSeries hole-punched mouse lines, highlighted with extremely light weight that allows gamers to enjoy to the fullest in each swipe and mouse click.

About SteelSeries

With relentless effort to improve performance through market-leading technology innovations, SteelSeries is a global brand that creates standout products in eSports and gaming with a focus on premium quality, innovation and features.

Professional gaming sports is the driving force inspiring SteelSeries to design and manufacture this brand's accessories and software ecosystem (SteelSeries GG, Moments, and Sonar). Other brands under SteelSeries include KontrolFreek, leading in the industry of creating high-performance gaming controller accessories, and Nahimic, leading in providing 3D sound solutions for gaming. In 2022, SteelSeries joined the GN group, one of the world's leading groups in intelligent sound and image solutions and innovation sold in about 100 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

About MeKo

MeKo Company is a Distributor and Market Developer of technological accessories in Vietnam with international brands. With a leadership team of over 20 years of experience and a young, passionate and creative staff, we will always bring the best solutions for partners and customers. MeKo always commits to accompany, develop, and long-term cooperate with retail customers and agents nationwide.



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