New technologies and products from brands distributed by MeKo
16 Month 01
Posted by:  Hà Lê

New technologies and products from brands distributed by MeKo

MeKo is proud to distribute participating brands in CES 2024 and introduce many new products with superior technology.

CES 2024 is the world's largest consumer technology event and is held annually. Here, both large and small brands bring their latest products and technologies to introduce to the press and technology enthusiasts worldwide.

Belkin with many Qi2 and MagSafe products

No stranger to Belkin, they are proud to be the longest-standing third-party of Apple and have been in the charging product manufacturing industry for 40 years.


Belkin introduces the auto-tracking Stand Pro. This is the world's first product to use the DockKit application on Apple's camera. This product brings convenience to content creators. Especially in a time when video content is becoming the main content on the most popular social media platforms today.


In addition, Belkin's Qi2 charging accessories also attract a lot of attention from iPhone and Android phone users. Diversify products for various uses such as on the desk, in the living room, or for outdoor use.

ESR brings the most Qi2 products ever

Known as the number one brand in selling MagSafe chargers and accessories on Amazon. As of November 2023, with 12 million products sold, ESR is considered a reputable brand with quality products suitable for consumers' budgets. This time at CES 2024, ESR also brings the largest range of Qi2 chargers ever for use in the office, in the car, and for people on the move. Earlier, ESR also introduced the Cryo Boost charging technology that enables wireless charging up to 15W.

JLab offers affordable luxury over-ear headphones.

Starting from winning the consumer audio product innovation competition, JLab is increasingly proving its capabilities in the consumer headphone market. Always maintaining the criterion of providing headphones that are most suitable for the best price, JLab is still recognized as the number one best-selling true wireless headphone brand under $100 on Amazon US in 2021 and has consistently remained at the top in recent years.


At CES 2024, JLab brings the latest wireless and over-ear headphones such as JBuds ANC 3 and Lux ANC. These over-ear headphones have a design that is more approachable to major brands, with ANC and powerful 40mm drivers. JLab is truly changing the perception of the cost of owning headphones with full features and the expected sound experience.

Defunc showcases MONDO

Staying true to its sub-product line MONDO, Defunc brings over-ear and on-ear headphones as well as speaker groups to CES 2024. MONDO is a separate product line from Defunc, with more artistic style and higher quality.

Many new products from Devia

Known as a brand of accessories for smartphones such as chargers, cables, power banks, etc. This time at CES 2024, Devia has brought a machine that prints on the back of phone cases. This machine supports you in printing any image you desire onto the back of the phone case in as fast as drinking a cup of coffee. Devia's booth has attracted a lot of attention at CES 2024.

MeKo, a reputable accessory distributor

As a distributor of accessories from world-renowned brands, MeKo always aims to bring new and reputable brands to the Vietnamese consumer market. We are also proud that the brands we distribute are present at CES 2024. This partially demonstrates the credibility of these brands and the trust of customers.



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