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Posted by:  Xuan Huong


MeKo operates in the field of distributing consumer electronics, technology products and providing market development solutions for prestigious brands in the world. Currently, MeKo is the Official Distributor in Vietnam for Belkin, Microsoft, SteelSeries, MSI, Defunc, JLab, Genius, Devia, ESR,...

MeKo's core value is to build an industry-leading business, creating useful products to serve customers while bringing many jobs to contribute to society. With a culture of openness, professionalism, respect for each other and special use of talent, we are committed to providing an environment for employees to develop to their full potential and find a job suitable to their abilities. and decent income. MeKo is committed to continuously fostering and training employees with many years of experience in the industry.

1. Job description

- Analyze the market and competitors.

- Proposed retail price and dealer price.

- Training new products.

- Analyze Sales & Inventory.

- Analyze and evaluate products.

- Analyze industry trends.

- Data collection and reporting.

- Discuss with Brand Partner about merchandise forecasts, new products, and support programs.


2. Requirements

- Qualification: University graduate, related majors preferred.

- Experience: 3 years or more.

- Skills & qualities.

- Good at analysis and logic.

- Good English communication (Speaking and Writing).

- Eager to learn, open-minded.

- Hardworking, detailed, careful.

- Honesty.

- Under work pressure.

- Ability to travel domestically and internationally.

- Communicate well, coordinate and work well with departments.

- Having worked in a similar position at a Distribution company is an advantage.

- Knowledge of technology products is an advantage.


3. Benefits

- High salary and bonus worthy of ability and contribution.

- Open, professional and mutually respectful working environment.

- Participate in other extracurricular activities to improve expertise and skills. Quarterly and annual events and kick-off activities.

- Annual salary increase according to capacity assessment results.


4. Contact information

- Ms. Quyen –

- Application Title: [Apply PMM - Full name - Phone number].



Total price: