MeKo kick starts 2023's second half at SeaLink in Phan Thiet
11 Month 07
Posted by:  Phu Hoang

MeKo kick starts 2023's second half at SeaLink in Phan Thiet

On July 1, 2023, the members at MeKo travelled together to a very special venue to hold the 2023 Kick-Off so as to give everyone a new atmosphere as well as to enter the second half of 2023 successfully. The chosen place this time is Phan Thiet - a destination close to Saigon with white sandy beaches and countless rich cuisines, creating a beautiful and ideal space for cohesive activities.

The two-day-journey in Phan Thiet
Starting early with a delicious breakfast, energizing all MeKo members, everyone then got together photos with the theme "Moving Forward" to mark the beginning of an exciting two-day-and-night journey in Phan Thiet.

Next, everyone moved together to SeaLink resort, the main reason why Phan Thiet has a special meaning to this trip. SeaLink is where the first members at MeKo come together to make great memories at the company's first Kick-Off trip in 2019. Therefore, SeaLink will be a great place for old members to introduce where it all started as well as create more memories with new members.

Upon arrival, MeKo members held a warm meeting to review information such as the schedule of the trip, the core values at MeKo and the plans of the management for the second half of 2023. After that, everyone went to Phan Thiet beach to conquer difficult teambuilding challenges. With four teams mixed between long-time and new members, the competitions were extremely evenly matched, making it almost impossible to predict who would win. With 3 challenging sections including: Moving forward (Relay running), Bringing water to the source (Take turns getting water from the sea and filling the glass of water) and Puzzle (Posing according to the picture in the photo), Team 1 with sky-high blood and rhythmic coordination overcame the rest of the teams to win spectacularly.

After the successful end of the team building session, everyone still warmly returned to the common house to prepare meals for the Gala Dinner, ending the team-building trip full of sweat, laughter and unforgettable memories.

The end of the trip
Not only enjoying the holiday and connecting with teammates, but this trip has also helped MeKo members better understand the importance of each individual in a large team, about the core values of the company and to achieve more success together in the second half of 2023.



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