MeKo has officially become Genius’s Distributor
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Posted by:  Hà Lê

MeKo has officially become Genius’s Distributor

Genius – A leading international brand in computer and mobile peripherals announced MeKo officially become the strategic distributor in Vietnam.

Genius – Computer and mobile peripherals international brand over 30 years.

Genius is a leading international brand in computer and mobile peripherals. The Genius brand was created by KYE Systems Corp, a Taiwan-based company, in 1985 introducing its first mouse product. Since then the brand has expanded in providing other personal peripherals connecting people with the digital world.

Focused on quality, convenience and ease of use, Genius is known as a brand that produces mice, keyboards, headsets, computer speakers, and gaming equipment that are popular for using in offices, personal and mobile devices. Genius products were the world for more than 30 years, that is affirming their position and product quality. Genius not only sales, meet product, they created an ecosystem and friendly interaction within their products.

The most popular brand of accesories computer field

In 2012, Genius products were widespread in almost technology stores and gaming stores. The users at that time will not be able to forget the logo image of Genius on mice that they used. Genius owes success by advanced technology, simple and user-friendly design.

Simple product, anyone can use it.

Not too ostentatious or fussy about technology, Genius's accessory products focus on using simplicity, the simpler the better. Most of Genius's office mice still retain the wireless peripheral connection to a laptop or PC. This is an advantage when applied to entry laptops or PCs. Most users are not good in technology, just focus on basic task in schools, factories, and sales, it will be easy to use and have a lack of troubleshoot of connection than new Bluetooth connections. In terms of appearance, most of them have been improved in trendy and provide a comfortable for using in the long time.

In addition, Genius also updates gaming line to specifically serve gaming users. With the ability to customize DPI levels, Scorpion series are designed with outstanding RGB colour for gamers. The custom DPI buttons on the mouse are also added for faster and easier using.

Connect multiple devices at the same time.

Focused on ease of use and more ease. Genius brings a combo of keyboard and mouse that connect to multiple devices. Using the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, the SlimStar 8230 mouse and keyboard combo allows connecting to two computer or tablet devices at the same time via Bluetooth and adding an additional device via 2.4 GHz wireless. That mean, this combo allows access to 3 devices at the same time. To choose which device is in use, just look at the LED light indicating which device is connected. This will be a comprehensive solution for multi-device users who need to view the screen at the same time.

MeKo became strategic partner

The long-term partnership with MeKo who has clear strategy will be an important support to help Genius come back strongly. MeKo will take advantage of available resources including a nationwide distribution network, creative skills, build the best after-sales and purchasing policies for partners and customers in order to make Genius become the brand is loved by Vietnamese users once again.

About MeKo

MeKo Company is a top distributor and market developer of high-end technology accessories in Vietnam. With leaders who possess over 20 years of experience and a group of young enthusiastic and creative personnel, MeKo always bring the best solutions to our partners and customers. MeKo is committed to accompanying and develping long-term cooperation with nationwide retailers. In addition, MeKo is also the official distributor of Belkin, Microsoft, JLab and MSi products in Vietnam. 



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