MeKo becomes Defunc’s exclusive distributor
19 Month 07
Posted by:  Phu Hoang

MeKo becomes Defunc’s exclusive distributor

On July 19, 2023, Defunc – One of North Europe’s well-known audio brand - officially announced MeKo Company to become a strategic partner and exclusive distributor of Defunc products in Vietnam. 
Defunc is a Swedish audio brand. The name Defunc is a combination of 2 words Design + function and this philosophy is always shown clearly within every product made by this Nordic technology brand. From Defunc’s point of view, the perfect music experience needs to be a combination of high-quality sound, unique design but must still be economically reasonable. Therefore, Defunc focuses exclusively on the most basic and essential needs of music lovers to produce audio equipments suitable for specific individual need, comfy to wear and affordable.

Defunc HOME – Speaker that elevates your living space.

Currently presenting in more than 35 countries, Defunc product lines are diverse from wireless headphone devices to speakers and headphones. "HOME" wireless speaker is one of Defunc’s most popular product due to its ability to connect with devices via Wifi instead of Bluetooth. By using this form of connection, the HOME speakers can transfer huge file or date much faster than Bluetooth and the users can experience a much more uniform and seamless sound distribution.
HOME is the perfect combination of the experience from Sweden's leading acoustician and sound engineer, Henrik Isaksson and the minimalist design inspired by interior. To create HOME, Defunc breathes life into the simple music speakers and turned them into decorative furniture items which not only can play music but can bring elegance to your living space. HOME speakers can be placed on a table, using an adjustable floor stand, or hung on the wall and corner with mounts to fully cover the inside of your home with sound. Asides from the traditional Bluetooth connectivity, Defunc HOME allows users to connect wirelessly via different protocols such as Wifi and Airplay 2 to deliver seamless and synchronized sound quality for multiple speakers at once.

MONDO by Defunc – Artistic and street style headphones

Launched spring 2023, The MONDO by Defunc series of headphones is loved by young people for its distinctive design and high-quality sound. The highlight of MONDO by Defunc is in the transformation and characteristics on the appearance of the headphones added by the street artist and in return, the artists will share profits with the brand. Defunc stated  these are just a few of the first steps in their growth and creation of a distinctive brand. 
In addition, MONDO by Defunc wants to convey a message to users about a unique design formula that blends technical excellence with business savviness and the networking logic of communities. Inside this unique design is the excellent sound quality of the 40mm and 10mm driver duo and an extremely impressive use time of up to 45 hours.

True Wireless Earbuds -  Authentic sound within a compact and comfy design

Besides the two product lines above, Defunc is also known for its True Wireless earbud’s collection divided into many segments with clear features and reasonable prices. By focusing on meeting the broad needs of users, Defunc created earbuds that are stable for daily use and tailored for specific purposes such as conversation, playing sports , enjoying music, ... A good example is the Defunc True ANC product equipped with 4 sound modes for 4 different purposes.
ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation): Even if you are talking in a noisy environment, the person on the other end of the call will still hear your voice clearly.
ANC (Active Noise Cancellation): Filters out external noise so you can enjoy music without interference. 
Gaming mode: Focuses on stability, minimizing the lag between the in-game actions and the sound of the earbuds.
Transparency mode: In contrast to ANC mode, Transparency mode allows external sound to enter the earbuds so that you can enjoy the music while still be able to aware of your surroundings.

Defunc True Wireless TRUE ANC earbuds is in ear of model


Mr. Johan Wahlbäck – Founder of Defunc

Mr. Alfred Wu, Defunc’s Sales Director of Asia Pacific region expressed his excitement and anticipation for this partnership: 
"Combining Defunc's rich product range, high-quality and reasonable price products with MeKo's market development experience, we believe that Defunc will soon win the hearts of Vietnamese consumers and find its worthy standing."
Mr. Dinh Quang Trong, CEO of MeKo shared:
“True Wireless Defunc headphones will be distributed by MeKo in 2023 in 4 main categories: Music, Talk, Sport, and Hybrid which is suitable for user’s different needs as well as their budget.”

Defunc's range of True Wireless earbuds distributed by MeKo.

The cooperation relationship with MeKo and their a long-term vision, many years of experience and especially a nationwide distribution network will greatly boost Defunc’s brand expansion in Vietnam. Along with those factores are a dedicated after-sales policy, thoughtful support and warranty for customers will surely help Defunc soon become a favorite and trusted audio brand.

About MeKo
MeKo Company is a top distributor and market developer of high-end technology accessories in Vietnam. With leaders who possess over 20 years of experience and a group of young enthusiastic and creative personnel, MeKo always bring the best solutions to our partners and customers. MeKo is committed to accompanying and develping long-term cooperation with nationwide retailers. In addition, MeKo is also the official distributor of Belkin, Microsoft, JLab and MSi products in Vietnam. 
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