Senior Sales Executive, We need you!
27 Month 05
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Senior Sales Executive, We need you!

1. Job Description
- Responsible for the revenue of business for B2B customer group.
- Responsible for the revenue of sales for the group of high-end mobile and IT accessories.
- Search and develop a group of potential customers according to company’s target.
- Making sales plan by week, month, quarter.
- Tracking daily sales, dealer inventory, forecast sales.
- Coordinating with Marketing team to deploy the program to support sales.
- Other tasks as assigned of the direct manager.

2. Requirements
- Male/Female: 25 years old and above.
- Intermediate level or higher, experience in B2B sales for 3 years or more, preferably in the field of Sales of Consumer Electronics, Technology Accessories.
- Good communication skills, easy to create sympathy with customers.
- Interested in the business, meet customers regularly.
- Good problem-solving ability; hard working, agile, friendly.
- Can withstand pressure when working with customers, can go on business trips or work overtime if necessary.

3. Benefits
- A friendly, professional, and respectful working environment.
- Trained in sales, communication, and negotiation skills.
- To participate in other extracurricular activities to improve expertise and skills; team building activities, events.
- Participating in social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance policies.

4. Contact
- Interested candidates please send your CV to email: Ms. Quyen – with the title [APPLY Senior Sales Executive – Full name – Phone number]




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